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What is your food filosophy?

Welcome to Food Filosophy! My name is Stephanie Montevecchi, and I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for sustainable food systems. 
It is my Food Filosophy that nutrition is about balance. Most foods can be included in a healthy diet while also being sustainable for the environment. 
Every one of us has a philosophy about food. We experience food every day and can draw on experiences from our childhood to the present day that impact our food philosophy. My Food Filosophy is that life is made up of a delicate balance of several different factors dancing together in a very elaborate performance. As a society, we must draw on our experiences, knowledge, and technology to create new systems that bring balance back to our daily lives. Food Filosophies is here to bring clarity to trending nutrition and sustainability topics. It is my promise to provide accurate and reliable information and tips to bring back balance to your life and help you understand your Food Filosophy.


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